Increasing the Stability of a Spatially Distributed Information System using a Robust Algorithm for Filtering Anomalous Measurements

Mikhail Vasilchenko, Alexey Zavyalov, Konstantin Zhuchkov


The paper presents a solution to the problem of monitoring the operation of the spatially distributed information system, which processes an array of heterogeneous data. The algorithm is described for filtering out anomalous measurements of time delays in executing Oracle database procedures. The use of this approach in the information system for assessing the technical condition of technological facilities of Gazprom showed a significant gain in the quality of the system administration and allowed identifying "bottlenecks" in its operation. A mathematical model is described that includes both the noise component of the measured delay values and anomalous measurements caused by irregular external influences. A software module for filtering anomalous measurements based on the proposed algorithm has been developed, which increases the stability of the system and improves the quality of management decision-making in the corporation.


binary problem, database, information system, robust algorithm, statistical analysis, the anomalous measurements.


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