Microprocessors KOMDIV for High Performance Embedded Systems

S.G. Bobkov


The problems of creating of high-performance embedded computing systems based on microprocessors KOMDIV is considered. Processor performance is dependent upon three characteristics: clock cycle, clock cycles per instruction, and instruction count. These characteristics for microprocessors KOMDIV are optimized using parameter performance/power consumption and requirements of embedded systems.


trusted systems, system on chip, microprocessors architecture, co-processor


Bobkov S.G. Import Substitution of the Circuitry of Computing Systems // Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2014, t. 84, № 11, pp. 1010–1016

Bobkov S. G., Aryashev S. I., Barskyh M. E., Zubkovskiy Р. S., Ivasyuk E. V. High- Performance Extensions of Microprocessor Architecture for Speeding-Up of Scientific and Engineering Calculations // Informacionnye tehnologii, 2014, no. 6, pp. 27-37 (in Russian).

S. I. Aryashev, S. G. Bobkov, P. S. Zubkovskiy, E.V. Ivasyuk Development of Compensated Addition Hardware Module to Improve Calculation Accuracy // Informacionnye tehnologii, 2015, no. 8, Vol.21, pp. 570-575 (in Russian).

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