Methods and Technologies for Protecting Pharmaceutical Products in Polymer Packaging from Counterfeiting

Chistyakova T. B, Makaruk R. V, Sadykov I. A and Kohlert C


This article considers the problem of protecting pharmaceutical products with polymer packaging from counterfeiting. This issue has grown vital in almost the entire world, as the significant harm can come not only to the producer, but the legitimate producer, but the consumers as well. Due to this, the issue of protecting these products against forgery, and creating and improving existing approaches to anti-forgery protection, becomes a crucial one. The authors suggest methods and technologies for protecting pharmaceutical products’ polymer packaging based on modern ideas from IT and manufacturing such as image recognition, client-server software architecture, mobile apps, digital signatures, luminophores, and PVC film. Testing the authors’ approach showed the effectiveness of the presented methods and technologies. The results should be of interest to companies producing pharmaceuticals.


pharmaceutical products, polymer packaging, counterfeiting, protection against forgery, image recognition, hardware-software solution, encryption, identification


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Fujifilm ForgeGuard Anti-Counterfeit Label

Market-leading security technologies for product and brand protection

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