Vol 7, No 2 (2019)

IT in Industry

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

NUCLEAR: An Efficient Methods for Mining Frequent Itemsets and Generators from Closed Frequent Itemsets PDF
Huy Quang Pham, Duc Tran, Ninh Bao Duong, Philippe Fournier-Viger and Alioune Ngom 1-13
An Efficient and Adaptive Framework to Access Heterogeneous Health Information Sources PDF
Shokooh Kermanshahani and Hamid Reza Hamidi 15-22
Exploration of Hard to Solve 3-sat Problems PDF
Robert Amador, Chen-Fu Chiang and Chang-Yu Hsieh 23-32
Research on Three-phase Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System PDF
Ch. Hao, S. Yang, X. Wang, N. Rui And Alexey Shumsky 33-39
The Creation of Information Model of Digital Library for Supporting Scientific and Educational Activity PDF
A. Bapanov, J. Tussupov, А.Fedotov and О. Fedotova 41-46

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