Variable Exposure Images Fusion using Discrete Cosine Transforms

Vivek Ramakrishnan, D. J. Pete


Fusing images with different exposure settings are of prime im- portance in the field of computational photography. Both transform domain approach and filtering based approaches are possible for combining multiple exposure images, to obtain the well-exposed image. A Discrete Cosine Trans- form (DCT-based) approach for fusing multiple exposure images has been proposed in this work. The input image stack is processed in the transform domain by an averaging operation and the inverse transform is performed on the averaged image obtained to generate the fusion of multiple exposure image. The experimental observation leads us to the conjecture that the obtained DCT coefficients are indicators of parameters to measure well-exposedness, contrast and saturation as specified in the traditional exposure fusion based approach and the averaging performed indicates equal weights assigned to the DCT coefficients in this non- parametric and non pyramidal approach to fuse the multiple exposure image stack.


Discrete, Exposure, Cosine, Fusion, Coefficients, Transform, Contrast, Saturation, Weights.


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